Susan Dehn Matthews

Author  •  Writer  •  Spiritual Director  •  Educator


No Longer Silent: The Empowerment of Women in the Gospels:

A "Spiritual Growth" selection in the United Methodist Women's 2015 Reading Program

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July 2013 selection of the U.S. Catholic Magazine Book Club 
Read the review by Editor Father John Molyneux, C.M.F. Discussion questions from the book are posted. 

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Recipient of 2012 Catholic Press Association Book Awards
                 B11 First Time Author -- Second Place
                    "Beautifully presented, No Longer Silent presents meditations expanding on the possible      

                      thoughts and feelings of many of the women in the Gospels who have few or no words to

                      speak in the canonical text. This would be a fine book to use either as a subject for individual

                      contemplation or group discussion."

                 B15 Gender Issues -- Third Place

                    "We are nourished by the authors invitation to imagine the voices of the women in the Gospels,

                     many of whom do not even have a name. To assist in this imagining she offers Scripture,

                     personal essays, and inviting questions for personal reflection. The format works and the care

                     taken in interior design enhances the meditative feel and use."