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I am content. I sit down at my desk, a bare kitchen set my thoughts spinning.
-Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Gift From the Sea

Recipient of Two
2012 Catholic Press Association Awards:

Second Place - First Time Author

Third Place - Gender Issues

U.S. Catholic Magazine 

Book Club Selection, July 2013

United Methodist Women's

2015 Reading Program

Spiritual Growth Selection



Words, spoken and written, hold great power for me.

The written word has always held a cherished place in my heart. I remember being surrounded by books as a child and I remember the flush of pride when I received my first library card in a quaint old building filled with its rows of neatly arranged tomes and the smell of old paper worn smooth and satiny by many hands. Libraries and churches, with their similarities of deep quiet and reverent atmosphere, are places where I encounter the Sacred  Mystery in word and Word. They are the ground upon which I encounter Holy Wisdom, where I experience the continuum of past, present, and hints of the future. Words excite me, as they flow onto the paper or appear on the computer screen, and I am inevitably surprised as gradually they weave a story, paint a picture, or reveal insights I had not anticipated. Wisdom's revelations unfold for me on the multiple levels of soul, mind and heart.

Yet, words and Word, books and scriptures, libraries and churches are not meant to be held within the isolated confines of my personal experience. All of these by nature are meant to be shared. I surrounded my own children with books and writing materials as they were growing. I read to them from the first moments of their lives. Over the years, I encouraged my students to discover the worlds within and around themselves through research and writing, through discussion and an articulation of their own experiences. The sacred journey of accompanying a person through spiritual direction is another avenue for words--and the silent, sacred pauses between words--to describe the great Mystery and Wisdom that resides within every individual human being.


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